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Your household sewage and the waters they impact. 

From the pond where kids fish, to the creek your dog drinks from, to the lake you swim in each summer – It’s important that these waters be safe from bacteria discharged from household sewage treatment systems. Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) helps protect local streams, rivers, and other watersheds of Lake Erie through its various water quality programs. 

Lorain County has over 24,000 home sewage treatment systems (HSTS). LCPH h
elps homeowners ensure their HSTS are being properly maintained by conducting evaluations, keeping records, and providing information or education on their systems. LCPH also conducts site reviews and issues permits to make sure that new HSTS are designed to current environmental engineering standards so they properly treat wastewater for homes that do not have sewer access. Lastly, LCPH investigates nuisance complaints to help mitigate discharge from failing or improperly maintained HSTS.

For questions or information about your sewage system, please call

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

In January 2015, the Ohio Department of Health adopted new rules for HSTS under Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-29. The intent of the rules is to improve waters of the State by preventing public health nuisances associated with HSTS. The rules focus heavily on the importance of maintaining sewage treatment system operations.

To help ensure systems are properly operating and being maintained, LCPH does the following:

  • Assist homeowners to track their maintenance schedule by certified service providers. 
  • Educate homeowners to help them better understand their HSTS.
  • Work with partner agencies to improve the quality of local waters, both as a natural resource and as a source for
         recreational activities.  
  • Improve operation and maintenance for all Lorain County HSTS.
  • Fees from O&M permits help fund local health departments and their sewage programs as they pertain to aspects
     ORC 3718, OAC 3701-29, and specific to Lorain County.

Grants and Financial Assistance

As of May 1, 2022, our grant funding resources have been spent. Additional funding may not be available until Spring 2023.

Financial assistance may be available to help Lorain County homeowners to replace a failing HSTS, or to connect to an existing sanitary sewer and properly abandon their HSTS. This grant program is intended for systems that pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of occupants, the community, and the environment. 

Grant funds are limited, time sensitive, and available for homeowners who meet income requirements. Please contact Jill Lis at jlis@loraincountyhealth.com or 440-322-6367 with questions about financial assistance.

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