Green septic tanks dug into the dirt.

Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS)

Household Sewage

Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) inspects, monitors, and issues permits for over 24,000 household sewage treatment systems (like septic systems) in Lorain County. LCPH’s water quality program helps protect local streams, rivers, and other watersheds of Lake Erie. LCPH also helps educate owners on how to take care of their household sewage treatment systems.

Contact Lorain County Public Health at 440-322-6367 with questions about household sewage treatment systems. Click here to report a septic or sewage issue.

HSTS Grant Program

LCPH has a Grant Program to assist homeowners who lack the financial resources to replace failing household Sewage Treatment Systems (STS), especially those cases that pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of the occupant, the public, and the environment.  Funding may also be used to assist homeowners that need to connect to an existing sanitary sewer and properly abandon their STS.

Funding availability is limited, time sensitive, and requires specific income criteria.  Please contact Jill Lis at jlis@loraincountyhealth.com, or 440-322-6367, to ask about funding availability, general program questions, and applications.

Operation & Maintenance Program (O&M)

The O&M program protects water quality by tracking and monitoring the proper operation and maintenance of household sewage treatment systems (STS) or “septic systems”. LCPH is responsible for overseeing approximately 20,000 STS across Lorain County. This program is required by the State of Ohio and ensures these systems are not harmful to the environment.

Program Commonly Asked Questions

How to Properly Maintain your Sewage Treatment System 

For Homeowners with a HSTS

Site Review Application for New and Replacement Sewage Treatment Systems

Site Review Factsheet 

Septic Evaluation Request of a Household Sewage Treatment System (Home sale inspection)

Property Improvement Application for Homes with Sewage Treatment Systems

How to Properly Maintain & Operate Your HSTS

Septic Systems (Leaching tile fields, design sand mounds, leaching trenches)

Aeration Systems (Leaching tile fields, design sand mounds, leaching trenches)

Spray Irrigation Systems  

National Pollutant Elimination Discharging System- NPDES 

How to Abandon an Existing HSTS



Lot Split Evaluations


Rules & Regulations

Ohio Revised Code- 3718

Ohio Administrative Code- 3701-29

Lorain County Rules

For Contractors of HSTS

Lorain County Registration Applications

2022 Installer Application PDF

2022 Service Provider Application PDF

2022 Septage Hauler Application PDF

Commonly Requested Forms

Septage Hauler Vehicle Inspection Form 

As-Built Form 

NPDES Layout Form

Surety Bonds, General Liability Requirements, CEU Requirements & Classes

Ohio Department of Health’s Website
Ohio Department of Health Sewage Treatment System Page 
SepticSmart Homeowners [U.S. EPA]

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