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COVID-19 Case Data

Last updated October 18, 2021. Data will be updated weekly on Mondays. 
Data source: Ohio Disease Reporting System

658 estimated active cases

  • Current estimated active cases are calculated by taking the number of confirmed cases in the county who are within 10 days of symptom onset or the date of test (if symptom onset is unknown) and have not died. This data is re-calculated every seven days.
  • Additional case data can be viewed on the ODH dashboard.

More information on cases

  • Confirmed cases include:
    • A person who had a positive PCR test.
  • Probable cases include:
    • A person who had a positive antigen test.
    • A person who had symptoms of COVID-19 and was exposed to a confirmed case.

Cases by zip code

27 COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the past week

507 deaths 

More information on Lorain County COVID-19 deaths

Lorain County COVID-19 deaths: This information will be updated weekly on Mondays.
    • Sex
      • Female: 247
      • Male: 260
    • Age range
      • 20-29: 1
      • 30-39: 3
      • 40-49: 13
      • 50-59: 25
      • 60-69: 85
      • 70-79: 149
      • 80+: 231

Due to ODH reporting errors, Lorain County added 82 deaths between October - December. 
This error was not unique to Lorain County and occurred statewide. 

The graphs below displays confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lorain CountyThe data does not include cases who reside in a long-term care facility or a correctional facility.  In order to be counted in these data, a confirmed case must have a positive COVID-19 test. For more insight on long term care facilities see these links: confirmed cases by county and deaths by county.

Data is based on the Earliest Known Date (EKD) of symptom onset, which is why some cases may appear before March 14, 2020.  Confirmed cases per day are shown in the bars, while the line is the 7-day moving average of new cases per day in Lorain County.

COVID-19 Vaccine Data

View vaccine data for Lorain County on the Ohio Department of Health's COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

Vaccines by zip code.

Graph displays data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding the number of Lorain County residents that have completed the COVID-19 vaccination series.  In addition to Lorain County Public Health, other vaccine providers such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and healthcare providers are included in this data.