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Lorain County Data

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Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) serves and supports a healthy community by making data-driven decisions. LCPH also wants partners, stakeholders and the public to have access to timely health data.

LCPH intends to provide data that informs the community, including policymakers, medical personnel, researchers, community-based organizations, government agencies and individuals to understand and respond to diseases, threats and underlying conditions impacting the health of Lorain County.

Data briefs

The LCPH health data team compiles information from a variety of sources in order to give a well-rounded view of a health topic. Check back for new topics. To ask questions about these data briefs, fill out the contact us form.

Language and terms in these documents conform with either those used by the Centers for Disease Control, by the Ohio Department of Health, or with the dataset from which the data was drawn.

Influenza (Flu) Reports

LCPH releases weekly reports on flu activity during the flu season, typically on Mondays.

View reports from past weeks.

Community Health Assessment 

The 2022 Lorain County CHA contains comprehensive local health data as of 2022. View the full CHA report: 

COVID-19 data

This page previously housed Lorain County's COVID-19 death and case numbers. View that same information on the Ohio Department of Health's data dashboard.

Other data sources

Lorain County Public Health considers the following websites as trusted sources of local health data: