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Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

We need data to understand the health status of our communities, set goals, and know whether we have made a difference for the health of us all.

Using local data, Lorain County Public Health, with partners from hospitals and many community agencies, collectively assesses and prioritizes community needs to improve the health and well-being of residents.

The first step is a comprehensive community health assessment (CHA) - a survey that includes questions about:

Next, using CHA results to identify health priorities, partners create and implement a community health improvement plan (CHIP). This 5-year plan involves collaboration to achieve unified strategies. Current Lorain County CHIP priorities include:

  1. Improve access to care
  2. Expand coordinated education and prevention services
  3. Improve weight issues and obesity among adults and children
  4. Reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse among adults and children
  5. Improve mental health of seniors, adults, and children

Current data from the 2019 Lorain County Community Health Assessment

Current Lorain County Community Health Improvement Plan, revised August 2018

Past Community Health Assessments