A boy jumps into a pool of people swimming while a lifeguard looks on

Pools and Spas

Three smiling children in poolLorain County Public Health (LCPH) inspects and licenses public swimming pools. These inspections help protect the public from injury, keep diseases from spreading, and make sure people can swim in a safe and healthy environment.

View Lorain County Pool Inspections

Click here to view Lorain County Pool Inspections. On the side of the screen, click on “Recreational Water Inspections.”

Public Swimming Pools

LCPH inspects public swimming pools. A public swimming pool is an indoor or outdoor structure that public citizens may use to swim, dive, or bathe.

LCPH does not inspect swimming pools that belong to private homeowners (also called residential swimming pools).

Protect Yourself While Swimming

Get exercise and have fun while swimming. Follow tips from the CDC Healthy Swimming Guide to prevent water-related illness, injury, and drowning.

Information & Resources for Pool & Spa Operators

Pool & Spa Operators Training opportunities

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