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Active Communities: walking and biking

Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) works with partners to make it safer and easier for people to be physically active. Active transportation - or human-powered travel, like walking and biking – is how people choose to travel or must travel, which helps people meet daily physical activity recommendations.

Active communities:

  • Maintain safe conditions and sidewalks
  • Support people ages 8 to 80
  • Provide networks of walking and biking trails
  • Provide access to green spaces like parks and playgrounds
  • Provide access to school, jobs, shopping, healthy foods, and recreational opportunities

LCPH and community partners work together to improve communities so that residents can choose to walk, bike, and roll where they need to go. Check the list of completed projects that we have partnered on to complete.

In Avon 

Avon Local School District offers trail extension at Avon Heritage Elementary.

  • Extension connects the current storybook stroll and bird sanctuary

In Elyria

The Elyria Active Transportation Plan guides efforts in the City of Elyria.

  • Improved entrances and crossings at Cascade Park
  • Bike repair station & bike racks at Cascade Park, West River Branch Library, and Lorain County Community College
  • Mid-block crosswalk on West Avenue 
  • Bike lanes added along Middle Avenue 
  • Park and trail improvements at various parks operated by the Elyria City Parks and Recreation
  • Installed new playground equipment at East Recreation

In LaGrange

  • Storybook stroll around the LaGrange Community Park that encourages guests to read and walk
  • Bike racks installed at Keystone- LaGrange Library

In Lorain

Lorain Connected works to support the implementation of the Lorain Active Transportation Plan.

  • Walking routes map installed at Black River Landing
  • Bike share at the Lorain Public Library
  • Bike racks installed at Lakeview Park
  • Bike maintenance station installed in various parks
  • Falbo Park improvements
  • Lorain Public Library Bike Share support
  • Bike lanes and sharrows added along Washington Avenue, East 21st Street, East 31st Street, and State Route 58

In North Ridgeville

  • StoryWalk ® at South Central Park
  • Bike share and repair station at North Ridgeville Public Library
  • Walking path at Shady Drive Complex 
  • Improved crosswalk on Bainbridge Road

In Oberlin

  • Mid-block crosswalk on Pleasant Street, connecting Park Street Park to City Hall, Oberlin Public Library, and downtown area
  • Covered bike rack to support the bicycle check out system at Oberlin Community Services
  • Lorain County bike maps given out to highlight safe routes for travel or leisure
  • Bike lights and safety education given at community events

In Wellington

  • Walking path at the school administration building
  • Bike friendly business model

Have an idea on how to improve your community?

Check out our Safe Routes to School and  Healthy Places Grant pages to learn more about how LCPH helps the environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Contact us at ph@LorainCountyHealth.com.

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