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About Us


LCPH’s Mission 

“To create a healthy place for all to live, work, and play by preventing disease in the community, empowering people to make better choices, and promoting overall health and wellness.”


LCPH’s Vision

“To create programs and services that allow and encourage the healthy choice to be the easy choice, operate in a sustainable fashion that reflects responsible stewardship, lead by example in the community, and manage our organization to effectively face current and future public health challenges.”


Who we serve

Lorain County Public Health is responsible for preventing disease and promoting health for all communities in Lorain County except for the City of Vermilion. Vermilion is served by the Erie County Health Department.


What we do

Lorain County Public Health has 6 basic responsibilities:

  1. Inspection - inspect food service operations and other public institutions as part of the licensing requirements.
  2. Licensing - issue licenses for restaurants, vending machines, solid waste disposal sites, campgrounds, marinas, private water systems, manufactured home parks, public pools, spas, and beaches.
  3. Immunizations, Tests, and Treatments - Administers immunizations, tests, and treatments to fight against communicable disease.
  4. Regulatory - enforce all State of Ohio and local health regulations.
  5. Reporting - report the existence of contagious and infectious disease to the State Department of Health.
  6. Vital Statistics - maintain a record of births and deaths which occur in the district.


History of Public Health in Lorain County, Ohio

Move through this timeline of public health to learn how the history of communicable diseases shaped public health in the US and here in Lorain County, Ohio. Also, here is record of health commissioners who have lead the health district since it was established in 1920 in Lorain County, Ohio.