A photo of all staff in front of the Lorain County Public Health building


Headshot of Mark Adams.
Mark Adams, MPH, REHS
Health Commissioner

Headshot of Deborah Chavez.
Deborah Chavez, MBA - Director
Administrative Services Division
Headshot of JoAnne Ferritto.
Jo Anne Ferritto, MSN, RN - Director
Community Health Division

Headshot of Jill Lis.
Jill Lis, REHS - Director
Emergency Preparedness
and Epidemiology Division
Headshot of Greg Putka.
Greg Putka, REHS - Director
Environmental Health

Headshot of Erin Murphy.
Erin Murphy, MPH - Director
Population Health Division

Headshot of Marissa Wayner.
Marissa Wayner, MPH, CHES, CLC
- Director
WIC Division

Headshot of Douglas McDonald, MD.
Douglas McDonald, MD
Medical Director