Ketchem's Country Meats

Posted on: April 18, 2017

 In response to an ongoing investigation, the Lorain County General Health District urges anyone who purchased or received deer meat processed at Ketchem’s Country Meats, 17333 Avon Belden Rd., Grafton, during the 2016-2017 hunting season to call 440-322-6367.

“A health district professional will help anyone who calls to determine whether there is a concern regarding the safety of the meat processed at Ketchem’s,” explains Lorain County General Health District Health Commissioner David Covell, RS, MPH. “This service is strictly a preventive measure.” At the time of this release, there have not been any reported cases of foodborne illness associated with Ketchem’s Country Meats.

While investigating an odor nuisance, public health professionals found that the facility did not have water or electricity for refrigeration and yet was still processing deer. In order to prevent foodborne illness, all perishable foods must be properly refrigerated.

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