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Tobacco-free places and policies

Tobacco-free policies | Ohio’s smoke-free laws | Report a smoking violation | Find local support to help you quit smoking

Lorain County Public Health can help your community become tobacco-free. Email healthed@loraincountyhealth.com for more information. 

Tobacco control laws and other government policies aim to:

  • Prevent people, especially children youth, from starting to use tobacco

  • Help people quit using tobacco products

  • Reduce the harmful effects caused by someone breathing second-hand smoke

We can help you assess what type of policy best fits your community, develop a plan and craft policy language. LCPH can also help you adopt, implement, and evaluate the policy. 

Tobacco-free policies are customized for each organization, school, or worksite. 

Step by step: create a tobacco-free policy in your community.

Explore sample policies. 

Request Technical Assistance on Signage. 

To request technical assistance on your community's tobacco-free policy, email healthed@loraincountyhealth.com. 

Ohio’s smoke-free laws

Ohio voters passed Issue 5 on November 7, 2006, creating Ohio's indoor smoking ban under a new chapter of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) effective December 7, 2006. This law requires "public places" and "places of employment" to prohibit smoking as of that date. These businesses and organizations must also post "No Smoking" signs that contain the telephone number 1-866-559-OHIO (6446) for reporting violations.  Effective September 30, 2021 the ORC includes electronic smoking devices and vapor products.

Local health districts throughout Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health are responsible for enforcing the Smoke Free Workplace Law. The enforcement process began on May 3, and is performed on a complaint basis. View the final draft of OAC 3701-52. 

Report a smoking violation

LCPH manages the enforcement and education of the smoking law in Lorain County. While most establishments in Lorain County follow the law, we still receive some reports of illegal smoking.

To report a smoking violation, complete and send an electronic form to Ohio Department of Health. Your name is not needed when filing a smoking a complaint.

More on tobacco from your local health department: