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I use drugs.

Reduce your risk of overdose.

Start your recovery journey.

Hotline: 1-800-888-6161 (through the Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County)

Recovery services & treatment centers

Get support from other people in recovery

I'm pregnant and I use drugs.

Text or call Aja, Peer Supporter at 440-541-4511. Aja is a mom in recovery who can give you confidential support in your own recovery journey. She'll help you make a plan for recovery and relapse prevention, rebuild relationships and careers, and deal with stress.

Plan of Safe Care (POSC) for Substance Use

Support for individuals and families during pregnancy and after. A POSC is an individualized plan to help families keep their children safely at home. It involves creating a list of helpful resources for a pregnant person, both during pregnancy and after giving birth. Fill out this form and we will contact you.

My loved one uses drugs.

If you lost a loved one to substance use, join a support group, watch videos, or read books from people who have had the same experience.