A pharmacist hands a client a low pharmacy bill

Prescription Assistance Program

The Prescription Assistance Program was started in 2002.  Karon's Law (2002) allows nursing homes, long-term care in-house pharmacies, and drug wholesalers to donate unused medication for redistribution to Ohio residents who meet specific financial requirements.

The Prescription Assistance Program can provide prescription medication to uninsured, under-insured people, those with high deductibles and co-pays, and those who fall into the Medicare "donut hole."

If you cannot pay for your medication Lorain County Public Health may be able to help you with the cost of your prescriptions.  They will work with you and your doctors, pharmaceutical companies, discount drug plans, and, if needed, the Prescription Assistance Program. This program is made possible through partnering with the Coalition for the Uninsured of Lorain County and Beacon Charitable Pharmacy in Canton, Ohio.  Funding is provided by the Community Foundation of Lorain County and the NORD Family Foundation.  

For more information visit or call Lorain County Public Health: