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Lorain County COVID-19 data

Last updated December 1, 2020.  Data will be updated Monday through Friday at 2 p.m.

7,393 confirmed cases
463 probable cases* 
7,865 total cases

Age range: 3 months-103 years
*Probable case definition

  • A person who has symptoms of COVID-19 and a known exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19 by PCR test. For example:  A close contact of a positive case who has been in quarantine and developed symptoms.
  •   A person who has a positive antigen test and also has either symptoms of COVID-19 or is a close contact with a confirmed case by PCR test. 

Deaths: 89
View additional Lorain County COVID-19 death data

Lorain County COVID-19 deaths:
  • Sex
    • Female: 43
    • Male: 46
  • Age range
    • 30-39: 1
    • 50-59: 5
    • 60-69: 12
    • 70-79: 24
    • 80+: 47

7,294 total contacts quarantined **
4,611 released from quarantine **
1,986 a
ctively being monitored **
2,769 recovered cases **

** As of 11/17/20:  Due to a high volume of cases, these data points will not be updated until the caseload decreases. 

View in-depth data by week for Lorain County.

COVID-19 Testing

  • Find COVID-19 testing locations near you.
  • If you have received a positive Antigen test, consider these next steps:
    • Antigen testing is rapid, but results should be confirmed with a PCR test.
    • Schedule a PCR Test to confirm your results.
    • While waiting for your PCR test and test results, stay home and isolate yourself from household members.
    • Continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep 6 ft away from people.

Lorain County's current COVID-19 risk level is 4 (Purple).

Stay home as much as possible.

Current Ohio Department of Health orders:

  • Masks are mandatory across the state. Everyone in Ohio ages 10+ must wear masks:
    • At any indoor location (not including private homes)
    • Outdoors when you can't keep 6 feet away from others
    • When sharing a vehicle with people outside your household
    • Masks are not required for those:
      • Under 10 years old
      • With a medical condition or a disability
      • Communicating with someone with a disability
      • Actively exercising or playing sports
      • Officiating a religious services
      • Actively involved in public safety
      • Actively eating or drinking


      Ways to take action based on risk levels - English: PDF, PNG. Spanish: PDF, PNG.

      Guidance to reopen

      Responsible Restart Ohio 

      Sign up for Lorain County Emergency Alerts

      • Text, voice, and/or email emergency alerts.
      • Choose to get alerts from all of Lorain County, or your own city, village , or township.

      Face covering supplies

      • To donate handmade cloth face coverings, fill out this form or call 440-322-6367
      • LCPH invites both businesses and citizens to complete the form.

      Everyday life during a pandemic

      Going to school


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      Face coverings

      What to do if you are sick

      Some people have a higher risk to get very sick

      Manage anxiety and stress related to COVID-19

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