A baby gets tucked safely into its car seat.

Lorain County Car Seat Program

The Lorain County Car Seat Program educates parents and guardians on child passenger safety and distributes car seats and booster seats to qualifying residents who: 

  • Live in Lorain County with a qualifying income (Eligible for WIC or SNAP).
  • Attend a 30-minute info appointment.

Donations are requested -- $25 per car seat, $10 per booster seat. Seats are limited to one per child for their lifetime. 

Qualifying families can schedule a car seat education & installation appointment:

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The Lorain County Car Seat Program is conducted through Lorain County Public Health, in coordination with Mercy Resource Mothers Program, Mercy Regional Medical Center, Elyria Fire Department, Lorain Fire Department, and in part through the Ohio Department of Health's Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program (OBB) and funding from the Community Foundation of Lorain County. OBB is a statewide program designed to help provide car seats and booster seats to low-income families in Ohio.

Ohio car and booster seat law

All children must ride in an appropriate car seat until they are 4 years old or weigh at least 40 pounds. Every child under age 8 must ride in a booster seat or other appropriate car seat, unless the child is 4”9” or taller. Every child ages 8-15 who is not in a booster seat must be buckled in a seat belt.

  1. Keep rear-facing until age 2 or until child reaches the seat’s weight max (check the label).
  2. Use forward-facing until the child outgrows the seat (check the label). Use the harness.
  3. Booster seat - for children who have outgrown a harness. Always use a seat belt across the top of the thigh and from shoulder to hip (not behind the head/back). Use until child is 8 years old or 4’9” or taller.
  4. Is your child ready for a seat belt only? Yes, if they can…
    • Sit with back against seat back.
    • Legs bend naturally at edge of cushion.
    • Lap belt fits low on upper thighs; shoulder belt across to hip.

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