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How to stay clean and cool at pools and splash pads this summer

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Keep cool during hot weather this summer by visiting your local pool or a nearby splash pad. Swimming and splashing are fun ways to cool off and get active – make sure to keep your experience clean and cool as you begin the summer.

“Chlorine doesn’t kill all germs instantly,” explains David Covell, MPH, RS, health commissioner of Lorain County Public Health. He recommends that kids and adults take regular bathroom breaks to help keep pools and splash pads clean.

Chlorine kills most germs, but peeing in the pool can still contribute to a germy experience and make people sick. Chlorine works by attacking materials in the water, like dead skin or feces (poop) – not liquids like urine (pee). Also, once the chlorine attacks a material, that chlorine molecule is used up and won’t kill any additional germs. Pool managers have to add chlorine regularly to control germ levels. Lorain County Public Health sanitarians inspect all public and neighborhood pools and splash pads in Lorain County to make sure that they are as clean and safe as possible. Do your part by taking bathroom breaks, and by reporting any issues to Lorain County Public Health at 440-322-6367.

Five tips to help you enjoy pool time this summer:

  1. Put on sunscreen whenever you head outside.
  2. Take bathroom breaks often.
  3. Keep two eyes on children in the water.
  4. Pay attention and follow any posted safety rules near water.
  5. Pack drinking water or find a nearby water fountain to stay hydrated.