Food - it's a social thing

Posted on: March 3, 2017

Did you know that what you eat can depend on who you hang out with? Research shows that social groups – our family and friends – directly affect what (and how much!) we eat. That means that whenever we sit down at a family dinner, a church potluck, or go out to eat with friends, we’re not only sharing food... We’re sharing eating patterns.

The good news:

  •  If your family and friends are health-conscious, chances are you automatically make healthier food choices.

The bad news:

  • If your family and friends don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, you probably don’t either!

More good news:

It only takes one person to spark change in a family or group of friends. Try some easy, healthier changes that will also make your taste buds tingle:

  • Serve raw veggies with hummus
  • Bring clementines or another fun fruit to the next party
  • If your order comes with french fries, ask to swap in steamed veggies or a side salad

Or, if you’re trying to get more steps on your pedometer or FitBit, move your coffee date to a local park for a walk. Friends and family will appreciate a chance to enjoy the scenery that Lorain County has to offer.