Summer Beaches

Posted on: May 25, 2017

There's a lot to love about Lake Erie and its beaches! The Lorain County General Health District (LCGHD) monitors and tests E. coli bacteria levels four days a week, Memorial Day through Labor Day. High levels of E. coli can cause severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.
In order to keep beach-goers safe from E. coli bacteria in the water, we let the public know the status of the water with signage at the beach and by posting a notice online.

Before you head to the beach:

  1. Visit Ohio Beach Guard to check the water quality status.
  2. Pack water to stay hydrated.
  3. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
  4. Pack mosquito repellant to keep them away.
  5. Keep perishable food items refrigerated in a cooler with ice packs.

    LCGHD tests the water quality at the following beaches in Lorain County four days a week at the following locations:
    Lakeview Park in Lorain
    Century Park in Lorain
    Lakewood Beach Park in Sheffield Lake
    Sheffield Lake Community Park in Sheffield Lake
    Miller Road Park in Avon Lake. Please note Avon Lake Parks & Recreation has released the following notice: "Miller Road Park Beach is closed indefinitely due to high water and related safety concerns. Both swimming and beach access are not permitted until further notice."
    Veterans’ Memorial Park in Avon Lake

    The health district receives funds through the U.S. EPA and the Ohio Department of Health to monitor and test the water quality at these Lorain County beaches.
    Resources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention