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Keystone health collaborative challenges Wellington to a winter step competition

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The Keystone Empowers You (KEY) collaborative challenges THRIVE! Southern Lorain County to a Winter Warm Up Challenge. During this Challenge, the residents in the Keystone Local School District will compete against residents of the Wellington Exempted Village School District to see which group walks the most steps.  Participants may also earn steps with other physical activities, such as housework, shoveling snow, or stretching.

How to join:

  • Set up an account on Lorain County Walks; it’s free!
  • Click the “My Challenges” tab
  • Click “Join Public Challenge”
  • Choose the Winter Warm Up KEYSTONE v. WELLINGTON Challenge
  • Choose your team – Keystone or Wellington
  • Click submit and wait for a confirmation email
  • Enter your steps every day of the challenge – Jan. 24 through Feb. 14 on Lorain County Walks

The mission of the Challenge is to encourage people to stay or get active during the cold weather months. Everyday activities can help you keep fit and increase your number of steps without having to go to a gym. Keeping active reduces the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It also has a positive impact on mental health and mood. Keep active outdoors this winter and visit a local walking trail. Both Penfield Recreational Park and downtown Wellington have committed to plowing their trails and sidewalks this winter. View a list of other outdoor walking locations.

Winning Categories and Awards

  • Best team average. Awards: recognition and bragging rights. The mayor of the losing team will spend a day of shame wearing the opponent’s school gear.
  • Most tracked steps. Awards: The individual on both teams with the highest number of tracked steps will receive a gift certificate for $100 from a local business.
  • Participation. Awards:
    • Participants on the Keystone team who regularly log steps will be entered into a drawing to win a t-shirt each day.
    • Participants on the Wellington team who regularly log steps will be entered into prize drawings to win Duke (Wellington High School team) spirit gear, magnets, cups, and pedometers.
  • Spirit Award. Participants who post photos of staying active to the KEY or THRIVE! Facebook page will be eligible to win the Spirit Award. To submit photos to the THRIVE! Facebook page, please email them to thriveloraincounty@gmail.com. Those from Keystone, please email your photos to KeystoneEmpowersYou@gmail.com. Awards: Winners of the Spirit Award will receive a $25 gift certificate from a local business.

KEY and THRIVE! are community-based collaboratives. KEY and THRIVE! are funded by United Way of Greater Lorain County. KEY is facilitated by Lorain County Public Health. The collaboratives include partners from local businesses, agencies and organizations working toward one goal of making the healthy choice the easy choice. THRIVE! finished a successful Worksite Wellness Walking Challenge in November. Follow KEY and THRIVE! on Facebook.

Wellington participants: Email Jennifer Arntz, executive director of Main Street Wellington, at jarntz@mainstreetwellington.com for more information. Keystone participants: Email Sam Meluch at KeystoneEmpowersYou@gmail.com for more information.

Challenge Notes

  • Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program. They will know if it is safe for you to exercise and guide you on how to get started.
  • Each participant must log their steps on their own Lorain County Walks account.
    • Log your steps each week to be entered into the prizes.
    • Make sure all of your steps are logged no later than Feb. 20, 2021 to be counted in the challenge.
  • The challenge is open to people who work in or residents of the Keystone Local School District or Wellington Exempted Village School District area.
  • Open to all ages (recommended 6 years and older). This is an individual challenge, so members of the same family must register separately.
  • Use the activity translator to track activity other than walking or running.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • My steps aren't syncing from my FitBit to Lorain County Walks- what do I do? Make sure the Fitbit app is refreshed on your mobile device. It may take 24 hours for steps to sync with Lorain County Walks. If steps still are not syncing, contact your team lead at the email address above.
    • How do I calculate my steps when I am in a workout class or riding a bike? Use the Activity Translator on the Lorain County Walks home page or the sheet below to calculate your steps based on activity and duration of that exercise.
    • The system won’t let me log in! What’s going on? Make sure you’re entering your username when you log in, not your email address. If you are still having issues, please contact your team lead at the email address above. 
    • I don't have a FitBit, pedometer, or other wearable device. How do I participate? You can register your steps according to the length of time you spend on an activity. View the Activity Translator.