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Girls in Gear program teaches bicycle skills

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Girls in Gear program teaches bicycle skills

In the fall of 2019, 16 middle-school girls completed an eight-week course in bicycling through Girls in Gear. Girls in Gear is a statewide empowerment program that teaches young women bicycle skills. It also boosts self-confidence and encourages teamwork. Oftentimes in middle school, girls begin to shy away from both sciences and bicycling. Girls in Gear helps keep girls engaged and interested in these important topics while they learn healthy behaviors, so Lorain County Public Health worked with partners to bring the program to Lorain County.

At the programs in South Lorain and South Elyria, the girls learned:

  • mechanical skills
  • bicycle skills
  • public speaking skills
  • urban design
  • healthy eating principles
  • teamwork principles

At the end of the eight weeks, each group gave a presentation to community leaders, celebrated with friends and family, and took home bicycles of their own to continue to hone their skills.

See what participants had to say about Girls in Gear:

  • What did you learn?
    • “When riding in a group, we need to communicate.” - Charity
    • “The City can help make sure there are shoveled bike trails so that there are places to ride bikes.” - Alolah
  • How can Girls in Gear improve the program in the future?
    • “I would change the program to the summer so we can have more bike riding.” - Janalynn

Girls in Gear will return to Elyria as a summer camp in 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

The Girls in Gear program was made possible by: