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How to respond to holiday stress

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As the holiday season continues, so do causes of stress typical of the holiday hustle. Many factors can cause feelings of added stress and anxiety, such as extra commitments, financial pressure and high expectations.


Respond to holiday stress in a positive way in order to help manage it. Find a method that works for you. Consider trying these methods to help yourself and loved ones manage stress and have a healthy holiday season:

  • Be realistic –  The holidays will never be perfect. Be kind to yourself and celebrate small accomplishments.
  • Keep healthy habits –  If daily walks are your thing, keep walking.
  • Connect socially –  Spend quality time with friends and family who help you de-stress.


Physical health is linked to mental and overall health. Take care of your physical health during the holidays:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – grab a banana at breakfast, add extra vegetables to holiday leftovers or bring healthy food options to holiday parties.
  • Move your body more – do exercises when watching holiday movies,  stop to stretch or stand throughout the day, or attend a free fitness class (find one at UnitedWeSweat.org).
  • Rest well –  sleep at least 7 hours per night. Consider sticking to a bedtime routine throughout the week to make consistent sleep easier to achieve. 


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