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A back-to-school visit helps students in and out of the classroom

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LCPH can help you with your back to school needs. Make sure your child has been vaccinated. Vaccines can help protect your child from diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, meningitis, and flu - to name just a few. Also, vaccinated children can protect other children who cannot be vaccinated because of medical reasons. Vaccinated children cannot pass on vaccine preventable disease to unprotected children. That is herd immunity. Call your medical provider for a vaccine appointment or come to Lorain County Public Health. We offer all vaccines for babies, children, teens and adults at locations throughout Lorain County.

Vaccine clinics this September include:

Clinic times and dates are subject to change. Bring vaccine record if available, photo ID, insurance card, and cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard. All children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. LCPH participates in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program to provide vaccines to children who qualify; no child in the VFC program is denied vaccine for inability to pay. Travel vaccines and resources needed to enable a healthy trip are available – call 440-284-3206 four weeks before departure for an appointment.

For more information on how to live healthy, contact Lorain County Public Health at 440-322-6367. Follow your local health department on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.