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Lorain County Community Health Assessment Results Revealed

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Lorain County revealed its Community Health Assessment (CHA) results and provided Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) updates on Thursday, May 23 at Spitzer Conference Center at Lorain County Community College. About 104 people attended, representing about 40 different organizations that are invested in the health of Lorain County.

“The CHA is a report based off of health and wellness surveys that Lorain County residents anonymously took in 2018,” explains Lorain County Public Health Commissioner David Covell, RS, MPH. “The Lorain County Health Partners and other community organizations use this data to plan programs, start initiatives and apply for grants.”

CHIP Priority Teams presented a summary of their activities over the past five years, which were targeted to address issues identified by previous CHAs from 2015 and 2011. Highlights from their presentations include:

  • Priority 1: Improve Access to Care – 15% of adults have no primary care physician (compared to 18% in 2015).
  • Priority 2: Expand Coordinated Education and Prevention Services – Lorain County had 6.0 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 2018 (compared to 5.9 in 2015).
  • Priority 3: Improve Weight and Obesity – 70% of adults are overweight or obese (compared to 69% in 2015). Also, 54% of adults get at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least three days per week (compared to 53% in 2015).
  • Priority 4: Reduce Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use and Abuse Among Adults and Children – 12% of adults are current smokers (compared to 22% in 2015).
  • Priority 5: Improve Mental Health of Seniors, Adults, and Children – 4% of adults report considering suicide (compared with 3% in 2015). 17% report obstacles that interfere with getting mental health services (compared to 15% in 2015).

Click here to view the full 2019 Lorain County Community Health Assessment Report, or visit LorainCountyHealth.com/CHA for more information about the CHA and CHIP.

Lorain County Health Partners include:

For more information on how to live healthy, contact Lorain County Public Health at 440-322-6367. Follow your local health department on Twitter @LorainCoHealth, Facebook, or YouTube.