No-cost childcare during medical appointments

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LCCC students, faculty, and staff members

If you are an LCCC student, faculty, or staff member, complete this form to reserve no-cost childcare for your child during your next medical appointment. Childcare is provided by the LCCC Children’s Learning Center.

For more information about the Children’s Learning Center please call 800-995-5222 extension 4038.

LCCC Children's Learning Center FAQs

How do I sign up for childcare if my child is NOT ALREADY enrolled in the Children’s Learning Center?
Just call 440-366-4038 and say that you are looking for childcare during your next medical appointment. 

I’m not a mom, but I still need childcare. Can I use this service? 
Yes! While this service was designed to remove barriers women face to attending medical appointments, anyone who needs childcare during their medical appointments may use this service.

What age children are eligible for the Children’s Learning Center? 

Any child ages 18 months to 6 years is able to stay at the Children’s Learning Center

I have multiple children; can I drop all of them off? 

Yes, as long as your children are within the age range and we have enough space during your reservation. 

I already use the Children’s Learning Center for daycare, and I have an appointment coming up outside of my normal care hours. Can I get free childcare during my medical appointment? 

Yes! If you are already enrolled with the Children’s Learning center you may use this service. Scan the QR code on the front of this flier and indicate when you need childcare for your medical appointment OR contact the Children’s Learning Center directly about your need for additional childcare.


If you are not an LCCC student, faculty, or staff member...

Your health matters. Call a Community Outreach Specialist for help getting connected to the resources you need. See a list.