Seeking adventurous college students

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Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) is accepting applications now for our 2023 summer internship job opportunities with the Environmental Health (EH) and Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention (HPCDP) teams. LCPH invites adventurous college students studying public health, physical sciences, health communications, and data science to apply now for a paid internship this summer! 

What can an intern expect?  

Stephanie Lesco and Sam Meluch stopped by AM-930 WEOL to talk about the different internships at LCPH. Listen to the 10-minute interview to learn what interns can expect to work on, and to hear advice for potential future interns! 

What do interns do with LCPH?

Interns with the HPCDP team work in the community and in the office. Their projects are rooted in a variety of public health topics that may include: tobacco-free policies, social-emotional programs for middle school students, healthy eating, substance use prevention, traffic safety, health communications and health equity. 

  • In the community - gain experiences in health planning with partners, outreach activities in neighborhoods, and data collection. 
  • In the office - build skills in project planning and evaluation, create health promotion messages and conduct outreach activities.

Interns with the EH team spend their summer out in the field (often literally) with a focus on public health surveillance to monitor local environments. Under the supervision of registered EH specialists, EH interns work on: 

  • Mosquito monitoring - identify mosquito breeding sites, trap mosquitoes and provide treatment in areas where mosquitoes could spread diseases like the West Nile virus. 
  • Tick monitoring - actively monitor the tick population by collecting ticks through a “flagging” process. This allows us to find ticks in vegetation, determine areas where ticks are most abundant, and collect tick data (species, sex, quantity).
  • Beach water quality - sample recreational waters for bacteria. The public is notified whenever bacteria levels present a potential health risk. 

Apply now for a paid internship this summer!