COVID-19 Mental Health Care

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Your COVID-19 Care Team is here.

Lorain County’s COVID Care team is taking action! These teams are dispatching across the nation to help neighborhoods recover from the social and emotional health challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of local familiar faces offers community-based outreach and education to relieve stress, especially if those stresses are or may become health concerns.

Connect with a Care Counselor to learn about local resources!

Call: 440-240-7025 or 440-322-6308

Stressed about COVID-19?

  • Talk through your emotional distress using these free, confidential resources:
    • Crisis Text Line: text 4hope to 741741
    • Ohio CareLine: 1-800-720-9616
    • Find local help: mharslc.org/find-help
  • Take the How are you feeling? quiz


Ohio Strive for 5

  • Are you still checking in on your friends and neighbors for the#OHStrive5 Challenge?
  • Even the small things can make a big difference.