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Zero minute exercise tips for a busy holiday season

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In the midst of the busy holiday season, make self-care a priority. Regular physical activity is one form of self-care that can reduce stress, promote sleep, and prevent chronic disease and obesity. Consider what will motivate you to get moving, even on a day packed with holiday preparations.


Lorain County adults reported time as the biggest barrier to regular physically activity in the 2019 Community Health Assessment.  Get active during the holiday season with these zero-minute physical activity tricks:

  • Weave physical activity into your day. Get up from your chair once every hour. Or, take breaks to stretch.
  • Complete chores like cleaning and decorating - these count as physical activity!
  • Jingle and jam to holiday songs.
  • Power walk while you shop.
  • Stretch while watching holiday movies.


Relax with a free fitness class near you through the United We Sweat program.  Call 2-1-1 or visit UnitedWeSweat.org to find something you enjoy.


The environment around us plays a big role in our personal health goals. For example, a snowstorm might cancel an exercise class. Change your environment to help you meet your goals:

  • Keep hats and gloves in your car so you can park far away from store entrances and walk while running errands.
  • Make changes to your house or workplace - for example, ditch the chair in the office for an entire afternoon.
  • Print out a calendar of free fitness classes from UnitedWeSweat.org and post it somewhere obvious.
  • Pack an exercise bag each night to avoid forgetting it in the morning rush.


For more information on how we make your health & safety our priorities, contact Lorain County Public Health at 440-322-6367 or visit LorainCountyHealth.com. Follow your local health department on Twitter @LorainCoHealth, Facebook, or YouTube.