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Protect against measles

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Measles is a serious disease. It is very contagious. In the U.S., several states are seeing more measles cases than usual.

The best way to prevent measles is to get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 2 doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine to be protected. Lorain County Public Health offers the MMR vaccine. Find a vaccine clinic here or call to make an appointment: 440-284-3206. Walk-ins are also accepted weekdays between 8:30 a. m. - 3:30 p.m. at 9880 Murray Ridge Rd., Elyria.

What you can do to prevent measles from spreading:

  • Confirm that you have received 2 doses of the MMR vaccine, especially if you plan on travelling internationally
  • All persons born after 1957 should make sure they have 2 doses of the MMR vaccine. If in doubt of your vaccine status, call your physician or call Lorain County Public Health at 440-284-3206.
  • Watch for signs and symptoms of measles, which include: fever, rash, cough, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and/or runny nose. Symptoms usually appear in 10-12 days after exposure but may take as long as 21 days to appear. If you have these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider.

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