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This database is no longer being updated and serves to provide historical information only. Construction of a new database is in progress. If you have questions, or cannot find a record, please call 440-322-6367.

Disclaimer and Search Information


Lorain County Public Health has made every effort to provide reliable information regarding household and commercial sewage treatment systems, but we cannot guarantee these records are accurate. By using this service, in any form, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lorain County Public Health and anyone involved in storing, retrieving, or displaying this information or any damage of any type that may be caused by retrieving this information over the internet. Also, you agree Lorain County Public Health or its employees shall not be responsible for any and all damages incurred by you as a result of the use of, or reliance upon, any of the information contained herein.

How to use and Search recommendations

Please select one of the available ways to search (Address, Owner, Permit ID (Sewage Permit Number), or Parcel Number) by checking the box. Click "Search" below and navigate to the system you are seeking information on from the records that appear. If your search returns no results, find the parcel number where the system is installed on using the Lorain County Auditor's database here: http://www.loraincountyauditor.com/gis/ Due to spelling differences and inconsistent use of street suffixes and prefixes over the last 50 years, it is sometimes best to search for the address number only. The system will locate all properties with that address, from which a selection can be made. Also note that sometimes addresses change. If you are aware of previous addresses for the property, try searching with these numbers.

Unable to Locate a Record

If you are unable to find the record you are searching for, please contact our office at (440)-322-6367. Online availability of scanned permits and installation drawings is limited at this time. If available, scanned permits and installation drawings will be added incrementally. Please note that household sewage treatment system records usually do not pre-date the early 1960's.

Please be advised, only permit records are available online. To request additional records or to report record errors, please contact our clerks at (440)-322-6367. Additionally, if you are unable to find the record you are searching for please contact our office and we will verify that a record does not exist in another database. Please note that well and septic records usually do not pre-date the early 1960's.

By clicking the search button below you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the disclaimer stated above. You will then proceed to the search results.

Need Some Help!

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact Lorain County Public Health at (440)-322-6367 and ask for the Environmental Health Department.