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Traffic Safety

A list of warning signs that indicate it may be time to stop or limit your own or a loved one's driving.
Be the 'hostess with the mostess' all year long by having a non-alcoholic treat for designated drivers! Check out these 20 new drink recipes to bring life to your next Holiday party!
Over the last 14 years, the Zero-Proof Mix-Off has become Lorain County's hottest holiday party with a purpose. 630 people gathered on 12/3/15 at Lorain County Community College to taste 22 different mocktails in support of sober driving. Share a zero-proof drink at your next party!
Non-alcoholic recipes as options for holiday parties.
Seat belts often come with questions. Check out this info guide.
This link will take you to an Ohio Department of Transportation fact sheet which provides an overview of the crash problems occurring Lorain County. Local agencies can use this information to develop strategies that target the worst crash types and driver behaviors in their county.

In 2009, Ohio experienced 298,657 crashes. And of these crashes 74,191 resulted in either injury or death. Often times in a crash it is important that an emergency contact or next of kin can be located due to death or injury that may have occurred. In 2008, Ohio became on of the first states to make a next of kin registration process available.

Any holder of a valid Ohio driver license, commercial driver license, temporary permit or state of Ohio Identification card has the option of providing the name and information of a contact person they wish to be notified in the event the individual is involved in a crash or emergency and is otherwise unable to communicate with the contact person.

For additional information on Next of Kin Registration, click here.

To add Next of Kin information to you license or identification card, click here.

This is one easy step you and your loved ones will be glad you took.

View the homepage for the Ohio State Highway Patrol for information on traffic safety.