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Healthcare Provider Resource Center

Welcome to our resource center that contains local tools and resources for healthcare providers to use with clients. These resources cover a variety of topics to help patients in Lorain County make healthy and informed choices.

"Office Use" resource types are intended for use by physicians and staff. "Patient Use" resource types can be given directly to patients, in print or digital format.

Lorain County Public Health is committed to connecting Lorain County healthcare professionals to resources that support patients in a lifetime of good health. We're here for you as you care for them. Together, we will prevent and manage infectious and chronic disease in our county.


Administering Vaccines
Administering Vaccines:
Dose, Route, Site, and Needle Size
Administering Vaccines:
Dose, Route, Site, and Needle Size
Before you vaccinate adults, consider their “H-A-L-O”!
Celsius Refrigerator Temperature Log for Vaccines
communicable disease reportable list
Decision to Not Vaccinate My Child
Directors Journal 2016
Directors Journal Entry on Vaccination Code Revision
educational resources
Emergency Response Worksheet
Fahrenheit Freezer Temperature Log for Vaccines
Give 2 Doses to Strengthen Protection MCV4
Giving all the doses over 12 mths
Guide to Contraindications and Precautions to Commonly Used Vaccines
HPV Vaccine Info for Young Adults-Spanish
Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations
Help with hesitant parents
Immunizations You call the shots
you call the shots-module ten-storage and handling
Handout for patients with information on vaccines for infants.
Influenza Season Assessment and Treatment for Pregnant Women With Influenza
Vaccine Ingredients: What you should know-Spanish
CDC has a full suite of resources on measles to share with parents, including printable fact sheets, posters, and printable infographics.
CDC has a recent article for parents about measles that you can link to from your consumer-friendly websites.
NCIRD education step by step guide
Ohio Department of Medicaid ACA
(IMPACTSIIS) As a central data processing point, ImpactSIIS provides an accurate, efficient way to ensure Ohioans of all ages receive the right vaccinations at the right times without unnecessary repetition. The goal is to reduce illness and death due to vaccine-preventable diseases by providing accurate and up-to-date information on immunization status so that healthcare providers, parents, schools and other stakeholders can achieve the highest levels of coordination and knowledge for a healthier, safer Ohio.
Ohio disease manual
Ohio disease manual
Pneumococcal Vaccine Timing–For Adults
Pneumococcal Vaccine Timing–For Children
Pneumococcal vaccine timing
Preventable errors in Storage and handling
Recommendations for Pneumococcal Vaccine Use in Children
Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older, United States, 2018
Recommended immunizations from birth to 6 yrs
Temperature log
Screening Checklist for Contraindications to Vaccines for Adults
Summary of Recommendations for Adult Immunization
YouTube video showing how Melinda Wharton, MD, MPH, took the stage at CDC's second TEDMED@CDC Live Conference, April 17, 2013, to explain how scientists, public health officials, healthcare providers, and individual families made the decisions and took the actions that led to measles disappearing from the United States.
Information from CDC on how to talk with parents about vaccines for infants, like the measles vaccine.
Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
vaccine adverse events reporting site
vaccine information statement sheets
Vaccine Ingredients What you should know The Vaccine Education Center at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccine Ingredients: What you should know
Vaccine information statements for Patients
Vaccines for Adults with Diabetes Spanish
Vaccines for Adults with Heart Disease Spanish
Vaccines for Adults with Lung Disease
Vaccines unrelated to Autism
vaccine education center thimerosal