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Welcome to our resource center that contains local tools and resources for healthcare providers to use with clients. These resources cover a variety of topics to help patients in Lorain County make healthy and informed choices.

"Office Use" resource types are intended for use by physicians and staff. "Patient Use" resource types can be given directly to patients, in print or digital format.

Lorain County Public Health is committed to connecting Lorain County healthcare professionals to resources that support patients in a lifetime of good health. We're here for you as you care for them. Together, we will prevent and manage infectious and chronic disease in our county.


Perinatal Transmission of Hep B
What you need to know after having a premature birth
Women who are pregnant or who may be pregnant should not drink alcohol. This includes women who are trying to
get pregnant and women who are at risk of becoming pregnant because they do not use effective contraception
(birth control).
Birth spacing refers to the time from one child’s birth until the next
pregnancy, also known as the interpregnancy interval.
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Breastfeeding Rights-feed anytime, anywhere
Support group at University Hospital Elyria Medical Center
Lorain County Car Seat Program
Newborn screening for critical CHDs can help identify newborns with
these conditions and allow for timely care and treatment. CDC is working
with partners to assess the impact and outcomes of newborn screening
for critical CHDs.
Plan your pregnancy
and control your diabetes
Recommended Immunizations for children from birth to 6 years old.
Vacunas recomendades para ninos, desde el nacimiento hasta los 6 anos de edad.
Critical periods in human development
Flu Shot During Pregnancy
Food safety is important for everyone—but it is
especially important for you and your unborn child.
That is why the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s
Food Safety and Inspection Service prepared this
booklet. It is designed to provide practical guidance
on how to reduce your risk of foodborne illness.
In addition to this guide, we strongly encourage
you to check with your obstetrician, or health care
provider about foods that are best for you during
your pregnancy. We also encourage you to read this
brochure to learn how you can help protect yourself
and your unborn child from foodborne illness.
Food Safety and Pregnancy Spanish
Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnant Women Concerning Flu
Healthier Baby and Me Plan
Hearing Screening for your baby
Hearing Screening
Hep B Perinatal-Protect Your Baby
Hepatitis B, Perinatal Infection 2017 Case Definition
CDC website
Immunizations and Pregnancy
Vaccines help keep your pregnant patients and their growing families healthy.
Influenza Season Assessment and Treatment for Pregnant Women.Update 2.17
Identification and Management of LEAD exposure in Pregnant and Lactating Women
Four Simple
Steps to
Food Safety
Lorain County Breastfeeding Coalition Brochure update 2017
Make Breastmilk Yes You Can
Make Milk Breastfeeding
Maternal Vaccination
Here are 4 tips to help you learn more about how prescription and over-the-counter medicines might affect you and your baby:
He aquí 4 consejos para ayudarla a informarse mejor sobre cómo las medicinas de venta con o sin receta podrían afectarla a usted y a su bebé.
Medicine and Pregnancy
support group thru Mercy for breastfeeding
Perinatal HBV transmission can be prevented by identifying HBV-infected (i.e., hepatitis B surface
antigen [HBsAg]-positive) pregnant women and providing hepatitis B immune globulin and hepatitis
B vaccine to their infants within 12 hours of birth. Preventing perinatal HBV transmission is an
integral part of the national strategy to eliminate hepatitis B in the United States.
Be Ready Plan Ahead brochure
“Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?”
By asking the ONE KEY QUESTION®, health care providers can support the needs of all reproductive-age women whether they want to become pregnant or prevent a pregnancy
Preconception Health Screening Form
Smoking can cause problems for a woman trying to become pregnant or who is already pregnant, and for her baby before and after birth.
Vaccines help protect you and your baby against serious diseases.
Prenatal Visit Flyer
Progesterone Therapy Fact Sheet
Safe Sleep for your baby
Safer Medication Use in Pregnancy
You’re ready to get pregnant. It’s time to nurture and love yourself by planning and preparing your body for pregnancy. Take these steps to improve your preconception health.
If you’re pregnant or have a baby under one year, you can sign up to receive FREE text messages on prenatal, infant care, and more.
A National Strategy for Safer Medication Use in Pregnancy
Vaccinations for Pregnant Women
Vaccines for Pregnant Women
WIC Breastfeeding support for Mothers
You can start protecting your baby from
whooping cough before birth