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Adult Immunizations, 19 years of age and older

Click to find a clinic or call 440-284-3206 to make an immunization appointment.

Both appointments and walk-ins are accepted.

Every year, thousands of adults in the U.S. still suffer serious illness, are hospitalized, and even die due to diseases for which vaccines are available.

Even if you were fully vaccinated as a child, the protection from some vaccines you received can wear off. You may also be at risk for other diseases due to your job, lifestyle, travel, or health conditions.

Special flu clinics are offered throughout the county in September through November. Watch for flu clinic schedule announcements or call the Flu Hotline at 440-329-7926.



Bring the patient's current immunization record, insurance card, and a photo ID. Cash, check and VISA or MasterCard are accepted for payment.


Adult Immunizations Available: