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Child Health

PHIL Image 11333 Newborn Visit Program - The Newborn Visit Program presently provides a visit by a Public Health Nurse to all mothers and newborns during their first 6 weeks home from the hospital. At this time, the mothers are given an opportunity to ask questions, receive information about their infant, and, if there is a need, be referred to community resources.

Early Intervention programs - For decades, it has been recognized that the early years of a child's life are crucial to their development. Detection of problems during that same time period has also been proven to spare suffering and lifelong disabilities, as well as money. Therefore, the Lorain County Public Health has a stake in the health of newborns and infants.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Project- A mother's alcohol use during pregnancy is one of the top preventable causes of birth defects and developmental disabilities. There is no known amount of alcohol that is safe to drink while pregnant. There is no time during pregnancy when it is safe to drink. Visit the Not A Single Drop website, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site or view the FASD factsheet for more information.

Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) - This program is state-administered and tax-supported.  It assures that children with special health care needs receive services that are family-centered and community-based. Call your Health Department for more information or ask your doctor for an application. Visit the Ohio Department of Health for more information.

BCMH Serves:

  • Children under 21
  • U.S. Citizens/Residents
  • Ohio Residents
  • Children under the care of a BCMH approved-physician
  • Children with possible medical handicaps
  • Families who meet finanical eligiblity requirements

Services May Include: 

  • Early identification/referral of a child with a potential handicap
  • Advocacy and service coordination
  • Coordination and staffing of specialty field clinics
  • Public Health Nurse Services
  • Up to 5 days in hospital
  • Psychological evaluation for children under 6
  • Biopsies, X-rays, laboratory tests, special diagnostic tests
  • Consults and office visits to BCMH-approved physicians


Car Seat Sales Program - Convertible car seats are available to persons meeting income guidelines for $25.00. No one is deined if they are unable to pay. However, a person wishing to purchase a seat must attend an information session. For the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator click here


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