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Services for New Moms

For information on the following programs for you and your new baby - call 440-322-6367.

Cribs for Kids*

This program helps parents and caregivers learn ways to keep their babies safe while they sleep. Families in need receive Pack ‘N Plays at no cost.

Mercy Resource Mothers Program

Specially trained, certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) help answer new moms’ questions. They give the support, guidance, referrals and information needed to make good choices for happy, healthy lives for mom and baby. Visit Mercy’s website for more details.

Moms & Babies First: Ohio's Black Infant Vitality Program** (formerly OIMRI)

This monthly home visiting program targets pregnant, high-risk, African-American women in Lorain County. Community Health Workers (CHWs) give free and confidential help to all pregnant African-American women. They follow families through the child’s first year of life. CHWs help moms find a prenatal healthcare provider. They also help moms enroll in Healthy Start, WIC, and other programs.

More information

*Partially funded by “Cribs for Kids” grant number 04710011CK0110 through the Ohio Department of Health.

**Moms & Babies First: Ohio's Black Infant Vitality Program is funded by the Ohio Department of Health and services are provided by Mercy Resource Mothers in Lorain County.