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Lead Poisoning

CansAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are at least 4 million households that have children living in them that are being exposed to high levels of lead. There are approximately half a million U.S. children ages 1-5 with blood levels above 5 microgram per deciliter (µg/dL). CDC recommends public health actions to be initiated at 5 micrograms per deciliter.

Lead is one of the greatest environmental threats to Ohioans – Lorain County residents are not excluded. Lead is found in paint, gasoline, and soil. Lead-based paint is the most common and most dangerous source of lead exposure for young children.

Protecting children from exposure to lead is important to lifelong good health. No safe blood lead level in children has been identified. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect mental ability and academic achievement. And effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected.

The goal is to prevent lead exposure to children before they are harmed. There are many ways parents can reduce a child’s exposure to lead. The most important is stopping children from coming into contact with lead. Lead hazards in a child’s environment must be identified and controlled or removed safely.

Services We Can Provide

  • Environmental assessment of home
  • Case management for children with an elevated blood lead level
  • Healthcare provider education
  • Blood lead screening
  • HEPA vacuum loan program


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