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Applications, Forms and Laws

Lorain County Public Health licenses and inspects restaurants and food stores. Applications and requirements for temporary food operations and food service/retail food establishments are below. If you have any questions regarding food operation licensing, requirements, or applications please contact the health district at (440)-322-6367.




2019 Food License Fees (see page 1)

A listing of fees for food service operations, retail food establishments, mobile food service operations, temporary licenses, and vending licenses for the year 2017.


Plan Review Application
For new facilities, facilities with kitchens being extensively remodeled, and for facilities re-opening after being closed for more than a year


Temporary Food License Application and Requirements 
For festivals, fairs, community home days, and other short term events (up to a 5 day permit)

Click here for 2018 Application

Click here for 2018 Requirements


Mobile Food Service Operations and Mobile Retail Food Establishments


Click here for 2018 Requirements

Click here for 2018 Diagram Sheet

***Contact Lorain County Public Health sanitarian assigned to where your mobile unit is stored to schedule inspections, begin the plan review process for new mobile units, and/or pay for license fees PRIOR to beginning operation. Find your sanitarian by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.***


Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code
The law and rules that establish the standards for safe food handling and sanitation in food service operations and retail food establishments. The verbage of the law and the rules are below.

Ohio Revised Code (Law): ORC 3717.05
Ohio Administrative Code (Rules): OAC 3717-1