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Drive Sober

Drinking and driving always comes with a cost - hefty fines, legal fees, missed work, death grief for loved ones, car insurance rate increases, vehicle repair costs, and medical bills. These consequences are completely preventable. 

Follow these tips to prevent injury on the roadway: 

  • Ask a sober friend or family member to drive.
  • Order a ride using an app or call a taxi.
  • Be the designated driver - enjoy a zero proof drink.
  • See a drunk driver? Call 911 or dial #677.
  • Planning a party? Use one of the designated driver zero proof recipes to treat your DD to a special drink.

Zero Proof Mix Off

Download Party Drinks for Designated Drivers from past Zero Proof Mix Off events: 

The Lorain County Safe Communities Coalition invites businesses, agencies, student clubs and other groups to attend the annual Zero Proof Mix Off competition. Hundreds of people attend to sample zero-proof concoctions and take home a recipe book to mix up sober options during the holiday party season. The event provides a unique and effective opportunity to connect with potential clients and customers while supporting safe driving behaviors. All drink recipes from participating mixer groups will be featured in a Party Drinks for Designated Drivers Recipe Book – free to pick up at the event and from local Discount Drug Mart locations.The event’s purpose is to increase awareness of sober driving and zero-proof holiday drink options. There is no registration fee to enter a drink, and no cost to attend. Interested in being a mixer at the Zero Proof Mix Off or getting involved? Contact healthed@loraincountyhealth.com or 440-322-6367.

Serve or Sell Alcohol?

The Safe Communities Coalition can provide customized bathroom posters and menus at no cost. Use your own zero proof recipes or choose some from the Zero Proof Designated Driver Recipe Books. Contact healthed@loraincountyhealth.com or 440-322-6367.

Get trained

Alcohol Server Knowledge (ASK training) is for liquor permit holders and their staff, servers bartenders. After the training, participants receive a completion certificate from the Ohio Investigative Unit to enhance your and get a toolkit of resources to equip your establishment.

At ASK training, you will learn to...

  • safely serve alcohol
  • check IDs & identify a fake ID
  • identify signs and levels of intoxication
  • reduce liability
  • respond when someone is intoxicated in your establishment
  • keep yourself safe from legal action, fines or jail time
  • keep the public safe from intoxicated drivers on the road