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Don't Hibernate: Manage stress with physical activity this winter

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Physical health is linked to mental and overall health. Regular physical activity (even a short walk!) can improve your mood, boost mental alertness, and support a healthy body weight. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritize your health and safety. Help manage your stress with physical activity.

Consider increasing your physical activity by trying a new outdoor path. The below local routes have committed to clearing snow and ice this winter. During the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor exercises are lower risk since it's easier to keep at least 6 feet of social distance away from others.  Care for your mental and physical health- stay active on Lorain County routes near you: 

  • Amherst: Beaver Creek Reservation, 913 N. Lake St.
  • Avon Lake: Miller Road Park, 33760 Lake Road.
  • LaGrange: Carlisle Reservation, 12882 Diagonal Road.
    • North Ridgeville:South Central Park, 7565 Avon Belden Road.
    • Shady Drive Complex, 37077 Shady Drive.
  • Oberlin:
    • Downtown sidewalks and Tappan Square
    • North Coast Inland Trail (from Oberlin Rd. to S. Pyle Amherst Rd.)
  • Penfield: Penfield Recreation Park, 40756 State Route 18.
  • Wellington:
    • Downtown Sidewalks, 115 Willard Memorial Sq.
    • Wellington Reservation, 535 Jones Rd.

These locations may be cleared from snow and ice, depending on other logistical factors:

  • Elyria: Bur Oak, 6150 Ford Rd.
  • Lorain:
    • Central Park, 2800 Oakdale
    • Day's Dam, 2720 East 31st St.
    • Lakeview Park, 1800 West Erie Ave.
    • Longfellow Park, 1850 Cleveland Blvd.
    • Oakwood Park, 2132 West Park Dr.

Contact Lorain County Public Health to suggest additional outdoor routes for this list. 

Download the Don’t Hibernate flyer: PNG, PDF

Try one of these activities or find free fitness videos at UnitedWeSweat.org. No membership or commitment required.