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Avon, Keystone, Columbia high schools win awards for buckling up

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Ten Lorain County high schools competed in the 2019 Buckle Up Bowl hosted by the Lorain County Safe Communities Coalition, which is conducted through Lorain County Public Health. Buckle Up Bowl is a student-led competition that empowers students to impact the driving habits of their classmates, friends, and family. This year, the following high schools participated: Avon, Avon Lake, Brookside, Columbia, Keystone, Lorain, Lorain County JVS, Midview, Oberlin, and Wellington.

“The Buckle Up Bowl spreads the word about seat belt use because the messages and engagement activities come from the students, for the students,” said David Covell, MPH, RS, health commissioner at Lorain County Public Health. Student led campaigns included videos, social media campaigns and seat belt pledges in an effort to improve the school’s seat belt rate. Observational seat belt surveys were conducted before and after the campaign by Safe Communities Coalition members.

Avon High School won the award “Best Buckled High School” because their students have the highest rate of seat belt use at 93%.  Keystone High School improved their seat belt by 24% over the course of the four-week campaign; which earned them the award “Most Improved Seat Belt Rate.” Columbia High School was awarded “Most Creative Campaign,” which included a safety-themed door-decorating contest, reckless driving school assembly, and included morning announcements with buckle up messages.

A seat belt was not used in 17 of the 34 fatal crashes on Lorain County roadways in 2017. For three decades, the Lorain County Safe Communities Coalition, conducted through Lorain County Public Health has worked to reduce traffic injuries and death on Lorain County roads. Safe Communities Coalition continues to engage people about the importance of safe driving and remind everyone who gets behind the wheel to buckle up every trip, every time. The best buckled school will be featured at Avon High School, 37545 Detroit Rd in Avon at 10:30 a.m. on May 16, 2019.

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