Get the Lead Out!

Lorain County residents that have homes built before 1978 may have some lead-based paint that can be unsafe when it chips, peels, and flakes. Lead is a metal that can make infants and young children ill and many of those affected by lead poisoning can have learning disabilities and other health problems. The good news is: Lead poisoning is 100% preventable – and help is available to income-qualified property owners and landlords.

What is lead and where is it in my home?

Lead is a toxic metal, and there is a good chance that any home built before 1978 contains some lead paint

Can lead hurt me, my family, or my tenants? 

Yes, when lead is absorbed into the body, it can cause damage to the brain, kidneys, nerves, and blood. Lead poisoning can cause headaches, stomachaches, nausea, tiredness and irritability. Lead can also harm children without causing any signs or symptoms, which is why it is important to repair a home if lead is present-- even if no one seems sick.

How do I apply for lead repairs to my home?

1. Fill out an application:

2.  All applicants fill out an authorization form, click here.

3. .Mail application to:

          Lines and Associates, Inc.
          P.O. Box 457
          Avon, Ohio 44011
          ***Be sure to sign the application before mailing it.***

Have questions? Call 440-892-7873 for more information.

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This is a voluntary program with absolutely no application or inspection charges to the applicant. Funding provided through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); available for a limited time-- first come, first serve.