Public Health Services

The Public Health Nursing Division of the Lorain County General Health District provides a variety of community based services to people of all ages living in Lorain County. We offer immunizations to all citizens, as well as other general health clinics. Public health nurses work closely with other community agencies in order to meet the county wide needs of its residents. These programs are designed especially for infants, children and senior citizens.

The Environmental Health Division of the Lorain County General Health District fulfills that part of the agencies public health mission concerned with controlling environmental conditions, both natural and man-made, to protect human health and well being. We derive our authority from state statutes to perform this function and act as an arm of the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. We accomplish our mission through risk assessment, policy development, monitoring, inspections, consultation, education, and enforcement of regulations.

The mission of the Lorain County General Health District is to prevent the spread of disease and to promote health. Therefore, Health Education plays a major role in our operations. The current main areas of service are Tobacco Prevention, the Safe Community Coalition and general Health Promotion which includes press releases.